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Probiotics help restore the good gut bacteria needed to properly digest food. Our probiotics ensure maximum absorption to get your gut happy and healthy!

Why Probiotics?

Probiotics are essential for overall health. Trillions of different strains of bacteria live in our bodies and they’re responsible for supporting our digestive system, immune system, and other functions. ‘Good bacteria’ are found in certain types of foods but not everyone is diligent enough to eat a plant-based diet or eat a variety of organic vegetables every day. If there isn’t enough healthy bacteria in your gut, your health will suffer for it.

Why Is Gut Health So Important?

The health of your gut is linked to your mood, your overall well-being, and even your weight. Recent research shows that the gut is often considered the ‘second brain’ because it’s linked to our nervous system and our immune system. Poor gut health can trigger a number of symptoms and diseases, including obesity, constipation, oral cavities, and even depression.

Gut bacteria is also responsible for determine whether you have an easy or difficult time losing weight when dieting. Your body needs certain types of bacteria in the gut to assist with weight loss and keep it off for the long-term.

Benefits of Probiotics

The probiotics generally perform the following functions that are also the probiotic benefits:

Gut Health

It is the driving force for maintaining the health of the human gut and hence indirectly also affects the working of nervous and immune systems in a positive manner.

Digestive System

It is helpful in treating some of the common forms of digestive system related problems like indigestion, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and diarrhoea.

Other Areas

Research has also shown probiotics to be effective in treating skin diseases like eczema, urinary problems, common cold and allergies and oral disorders.

What Makes H2 Biotics Different

If you start shopping around, you’ll notice there are hundreds of companies selling some type of probiotics supplement. However, it’s important to know that not all probiotics are the same and some companies may be selling products that do not contain enough live cultures to actually make a difference to your health.

Global Health Care LLC, GHC, has developed a custom brand of probiotics formulated specifically for those who want to improve their health. No other company provides enough of the live strains of bacteria specifically for weight loss.

About the Founder of H2 Biotics

Dr. Hooman Melamed

Dr. Hooman Melamed is a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon, regularly featured on The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Steve Harvey and in regional media throughout Los Angeles.  His many accolades include (but is not limited to) co-director of spinal surgery at DISC Sports & Spine Center in Marina Del Rey, nominated by his peers as a “Super Doctor” five years in a row and he’s on the vanguard of minimally invasive spine surgery techniques.

Dr. Melamed has earned the trust of his patients, which can be seen in hundreds of 5-star reviews on Facebook, Google, Yelp and more, comments of appreciation and gratitude across all social media platforms and countless video testimonials.

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